Company Profile

[LOFT INVESTMENT INTERNARIONAL LIMITED]'s [LOFT INTERNATIONAL GROUP], [LOFT DESIGN CO LTD], [LOFT FURNITURE CO LTD], [LOFT DESIGN GROUP LTD] [LOFT DESOGN (CHINA) CO. LTD.],[LOFT FACTORY] [LOFT BUILDING MATERIALS] other companies, operates in interior design, decoration engineering, furniture design and manufacturing, marketing, building materials trading in different areas.

[LOFT GROUP]Mainly through its[LOFT INTERNATIONAL GROUP]Manage and monitor the day-to-day operations, and has a separate marketing department to promote sustainable business development, the Group and the major property developers, real estate agents and banks, etc. to establish the long-term and stable relations of cooperation, to enhance the quality of services, the Group actively recruiting and training of professionals in the team to continue to grow and strengthen. Group attaches great importance to the nurturing of talents and management, as early as in 2003, has been introduced ISO9001: 2000 quality management model, and obtain SGS awarded internationally recognized management system certificate.

[LOFT FURNITURE CO LTD]The business is based in Hong Kong currently has sales outlets.
Le floating home in 1995, the introduction of Italian furniture design concept With new design trendsetter. Stepped into Le floating store, to see not only the modern style, classical European, Chinese furniture, enough to meet the needs of different customerneeds. With the [Le floating home interior design Co., Ltd.] the complementary [Le floating Design Co., Ltd. engaged in the design and construction of the indoor and outdoor, as the main market of Hong Kong and Guangdong Province. For a long time, more than Bacheng major real estate developers are specified by the royal family for its series of large estate model room design ideas, supporting more Royal Furniture, increase the real estate selling point, showing the royal family won the trust of customers, expertise and strength are obtained consensus. For the high-end market, the Group opened [LOFT DESIGN GROUP LTD] to undertake specialized the luxury large design and renovation projects, including hotels, villas and private clubs.

In addition, the group was established [LOFT BUILDING MATERIALS] trading company. Mainly engaged in selling high quality English mud, board, bricks and decorating tools etc. This not only helps to improve the group's cost efficiency, and also makes the royal companies used material quality is more security, a to provide more quality products and service, and promote the industry to enhance the professional level.

Group business development, vigorous and high-pressure into the mainland market, set up [le floating industrial (shenzhen) co., LTD.]. And [le floating decoration design engineering (China) co., LTD.] company, in domestic open the whole building high 6 layers of large senior exhibition hall, showing various series of products, design are deeply European customers love, now export market has including Italy, Spain, dubai, Germany, France, Australia, Singapore and the United States.

In order to provide true one-stop service, and ensure the furniture products quality, the group early in 2000 in shenzhen has set up production workshop, and in 2003 achieved ISO9001:2000 quality verification, in the selection of material and meticulous, for example, take the lead in using imported E1 standard plank and avirulent environmental protection paint as the main material, material testing out all conform to the state standards, and has obtained the certification of environmental protection organization to issue type III environmental mark.

Le floating group has been trying to innovation. Since 2005, LOFT began to launch a new generation of intelligent household products, perfect deduce the high-tech, multi-function and modern household ingenious fusion results, with superb technology, bold innovation design, le floating in June 2007 to create a 180 inches (4.57 meters) high intelligent chest, into the guinness book of world records. Group and persistent efforts, by using intelligent technology to design the world the first electric oil bed, and registered patent. Constantly, make le floating group every year in the furniture edge all eye debut, the result be obvious to all.

In recent years, the group has steadily gained each big institutions invitation, join association or as a vice-president unit, these organizations including China foreign trade promotion association, the world Chinese entrepreneurs association, the national ministry of construction technology development promotion center council vice-president unit, etc.